HyperBot Official Website

Hey there, I'm TheHyperDragon! I'm a hobbyist programmer from Canby, Oregon that writes in JavaScript and Python. I came up with the idea of creating HyperBot in November of 2018, and started witing it in JavaScript in December. In Febuary of 2019, I attempted to try to rewrite HyperBot in Python because it offered some extra functionality, but I ran away screaming from that.

Some FAQ:

What library is HyperBot written on?

HyperBot is using the sandard branch of the Discord.js library.

How long have you been coding?

I've been toying around with code off-and-on since about 2016, but I didn't start really start getting into coding until 2018.

Why did you "run away screaming" from rewriting HyperBot?

The two main reasons behind it are:

1) I had gotten so used to how the D.js library ties with the Discord API that I was having difficulty adapting to how Discord.py did it.

2) I'm more familiar with JS because most of my time coding has been with JS. Most of my time using Python is when I'm toying around with my Linux machine.